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This Cat’s Reaction To a Horror Movie Is Hysterical – WATCH [VIDEO]

It’s pretty well documented that, well, cats rule the internet!  People never tire of watching them.


This one though, is really good! Andrew Parrish filmed his cat watching horror film ‘Psycho’, and the animal seems completely transfixed.  Then he uploaded his footage to his YouTube channel and has so far received over 3 million views!

Even though we know she couldn’t understand what was going on in the horror movie, it does look like she did, and that’s what makes it so grippingly funny.  Watching Togepi the 9-month-old Tabby-Bengal Mix darting her head back and forth, her pupils changing size with her every interest in what’s happening next.   And the music helps as she responds to the intensity just like it was written for humans to respond.

Then when the scene got too frightening for her, she just did what many of us would like to do in the same circumstance!

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