This D-List Celebrity Says He’s Coming For Your ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’

Not sure if you know who Larry Wilmore is so if you are not aware, here is a brief rundown. Wilmore was a correspondent on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” for years, and then had a guest appearance on hit show “The Office.” Now, this D-list celebrity is making some threats toward Americans regarding their second amendment rights and it is almost laughable.

The sort of celebrity says he’s coming for your guns. Or, more specifically, your “weapons of mass destruction.”

Check out the video here.

Whatever Larry…

You aren’t coming for anyone’s guns, so just sit on that measly stage and continue talking it up with your fellow anti-gun nuts.

Also, learn a little bit of what you are talking about too while you are at it. Your threats are laughable and it makes you look even more insignificant than you already are.


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