• March 1, 2024

Thugs Who Mugged Couple Find Out Too Late the Man is a Real Badass



Neil McCarthy and his girlfriend Carisa Lerner were visiting in Chicago when they were approached by three thugs, who demanded all their valuables.  Feeling the safest thing to do was to hand over their possessions, they did so.  But once they got everything, one of the thugs began laying his hands on Lerner.  That’s when McCarthy, a British veteran of Afghanistan decided they had gone too far.

He managed to get the thug off of his girlfriend, however, the three thugs started stabbing him in the shoulder and punching him.  He then reached out and grabbed the knife by the blade and wrestled it away.  Once he was in charge of the knife, the three thugs ran away like the little schoolgirls they are.  But McCarthy wasn’t done yet.  He used an app to track his phone and he chased the thug, caught him and then held him until police arrived.  All in all, a good day’s work  for this former Royal Air Force badass.



From The US Herald:

As a result of the incident, Mondragon is charged with aggravated battery/use of a deadly weapon and armed robbery, and Salgado-Camargo faces two felony counts of armed robbery, according to Chicago Police.

It’s not often that stories like this have a happy ending, but it’s awesome when they do since everyone loves a good story about vigilante justice. This time around, feral thugs picked the wrong victim, and it cost them dearly. Not only was McCarthy unafraid to counter-attack, but he had the training to be able to do so. However, not everyone does, and the incident could have turned out much differently.

Stories like this are an excellent reminder of why we have the Second Amendment, and it shows that it’s a good idea to buy a gun and get properly trained on how to use it. After all, just like with a fire extinguisher, it’s better to have a gun and never use it, than to need one and never have it.

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