• July 13, 2024

Update, 9/14/2014: TODAY’S POLL – RICK PERRY LOOKS LIKE A ____________?

UPDATE, 9/4/2014: So far 3/4 of poll respondents answered “Other (please specify),” and went on to say that Rick Perry looks like a “President.”

I would first like to make if very clear that I am a Rick Perry fan. His efforts to secure the border are courageous, patriotic, and heroic. I love the guy and believe he would make a fine President.

I also believe he looks like a game show host, maybe a televangelist, and I don’t mind a bit having someone who looks like either of those as a President. His heart is in the right place and I hope he makes a solid and successful run at securing the Republican nomination.

Now, can you say “(Your name)….COME ON DOOOOOWN!”

Rick Perry


Take our poll here…. Rick Perry looks like a ____________.

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