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Trump Triumphs…Mexico Agrees to Discuss Building a Wall and NAFTA

Donald Trump has maintained from Day 1 that he would build a wall and make Mexico pay for it.  For that he has been ma;igned by the press and ridiculed by Mexican officials.  The ridiculing should now end as Mexico has agreed to discussions over both NAFTA and the wall.




This is a huge development and once again reveals the failures of the Obama administration.  We are running a huge trade deficit of 50 to 65 billion a year and of course, we need the border wall to keep illegals out.  Liberals told us all through the campaign and again after the election thhat Trump could never do both or even one of those priorities.

Their ESP is obviously not working.  Remember how the stock market was supposed to tank?  Instead it keeps setting records.  The dollar was supposed to shrink to microscopic levels but instead it keeps getting stronger every week.  He said he could bring jobs and investment back to the country and again liberals ridiculed him.  He’s not even in office yet but he has committments for jobs and investments worth over 51 billion and he’s still 9 days away from taking office.

From the Conservative Tribune:

This, however, did not mean the negotiations would be easy.

“We will negotiate with great confidence in ourselves, without fear, knowing how important Mexico is for the United States in economic, social and political terms,” Videgaray said Monday during opening remarks at the 28th Annual Meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls, according to Business Insider.

Still, who would have thought that one day Mexico itself would voluntarily come to the table for negotiations? Certainly not liberals.

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