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Tim Scott’s Ferocious Smack Down Response To Being Called A House N***a Was Only 1 Word

Twitter has become the urban battleground dreamland of liberals where anonymous social justice warriors can attack black conservatives with seeming impunity. And while the same SJWs would howl at the moon if a conservative said anything remotely racial, whether true or not, it’s fun to see the occasional Twitter libtard smack down. Such an occasion happened today.


[H/T the: Independent Journal Review]

It’s finally happened. Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) has smacked a Twitter troll into last week.

In response to being called a “house n***a,” a disparaging term routinely used by the left to mock black conservatives, Scott fired back with a one-word response.


To put that into visual terms…

Ouch. The racially insensitive tweet was ultimately deleted — and then the account was too.

Some of the Twitter reactions are gold:

As the first black Republican senator since Reconstruction, Scott has had to put up with more than his fair share of racial jabs from his liberal critics.

Clearly, he’s figured out how to handle it — just drop the mic on ’em.

Not bad, Senator.

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