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Trump Twitter Tirade: Who Does He Blame For Losing Iowa?

It was close, but the highest voter turnout in Iowa caucus history cast their votes for Cruz instead of The Donald. While magnanimous in defeat for the cameras, his twitter feed, … not so much. Here’s who Trump blames for the loss.

Following a second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses, GOP candidate Donald Trump went dark on his normally active Twitter account, leaving many to wonder what the presidential contender was thinking. After 15 long hours, he finally broke his silence, and he let the world know why he believes he didn’t come out on top.

In a series of tweets, The Donald echoed his speech last night when he told Iowa voters it was a “great honor” to have finished second in the Hawkeye State, and as expected, he also took a shot at the media.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 6.02.09 PM

Trump, who boasts a massive Twitter following of nearly six million people, also let on why it is he believes that he finished second to Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

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No Trump rant would be complete without him criticizing the media coverage either, and he did exactly that.

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Later on in the series of messages, Trump said he’s looking forward to an event in New Hampshire this week, where he expects a large crowd and will be discussing his “wonderful experience” in Iowa. The event is supposed to start at 7 p.m. EST, and is being held at the Hampshire Hills Athletic Club in Milford, his website stated.

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While many have labeled the defeat in Iowa as crushing to Trump’s campaign, what people seem to be forgetting is that Cruz merely won 28 percent of roughly 180,000 votes, which is only a small fraction of a small fraction of the entire electorate in the nation. In other words, while it may have been a big win for Cruz, we have quite a long way to go until the nominee is selected, and a lot can happen.


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