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Trump’s Cadillac Limo Equipped with Tear Gas Cannon and Shotgun [VIDEO]

Donald Trump’s presidential limousine will be equipped with a tear gas cannon, shotgun, and even bottles of the President-elect’s blood type, according to multiple reports.


The “Cadillac One” limo, which will make its public debut on Inauguration Day, will replace a fleet of nearly a dozen vehicles that have served President Obama since 2009, Autoweek reported.

The vehicle, also known as “The Beast,” will come with a price tag of up to $1.5 million, the New York Post reported.

It will be equipped with bottles of the President-elect’s blood type in case an ambulance that travels with the motorcade cannot get access to him.

The limousine will also feature bullet-proof windows and doors and will be plated with military-grade armor, making the doors so heavy that the president will not be able to open them from the inside, according to the Hill.

You can take a first look at this limo, which has reportedly been dubbed “The Beast,” here:

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