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Tucker Carlson Laughs Racist Illegal Alien Off From His Show [VIDEO]

Tucker Carlson had the racist illegal alien,  Jose Antonio Vargas on his show to talk about illegal aliens on his show.  Back in 2015, Vargas told Megyn Kelly that the US spent too much money guarding the border and that the money could be used better elsewhere.  More money for illegal aliens?  Remember this was during the Obama open borders days.



Tonight Tucker asked Vargas,

What would happen if I showed up in the Philippines as a non-citizen there illegally and I started saying, ‘Hey Philippines, I hate your immigration policy and by the way I think you’re racist for not liking me, and I think I’ll file some illegal lawsuits against you and just be quiet and accept my illegal presences?

Vargas couldn’t answer the question, but I can.  Your next of kin would be notified.  Vargas stumbled and fumbled around and finally Carlson broke out laughing at Vargas.



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