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Two Thugs Make Mistake..Their Last One [VIDEO]

Two thugs decided to rob a mother and son who were sitting in their car.  They approached the car and one of them pulled a gun and demanded all of their valuables.  The mother and son are security guards and the son lifted his weapon and shot both thugs, killing them.  The thug with the gun was 14 years old.



The incident took place in Beech Grove section of Indianapolis.

From The Conservative Tribune:

“The two deceased walked up to the car, pulled a gun on the two security guards and said give me everything you have and they said we don’t have anything except the cellphone. He said give me your cellphone,” Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley explained.

Sadly, one of the two robbers was only 14 years old. Even worse, according to reports from scene he was the one who actually pulled the gun on the two security guards, the Indianapolis Star reported.

The other robber killed was Seth A. Easley, 29.

Buckley stated that charges against the security guards were unlikely.

This shooting shocked the local community, but it also underscored how young people are being increasingly drawn into lives of crime and are suffering the consequences, WXIN noted.

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