• September 26, 2022

[VIDEO] ISIS Raids School And Rapes 8yo in Front of Classmates At Gun Point…

A group of school children in Iraq, were left frightened after ISIS fighters raided their school and raped a young girl in front of her classmates.

The 8-year-old girl of Mosul, who was raped by a group of ISIS fighters, described the screams of young children who were taken from the main study and dragged into a small room to witness the brutal act.

Schoolchildren were forced to listen to the terrified screams of an eight-year-old girl being raped by evil ISIS monsters.

Another victim who was sexually assaulted three times a day for three days, said that she saw the 8-year-old girl being openly violated in the room.

A witness revealed that one ISIS fighter pointed a gun at the girl because she resisted the rapists. Another girl said that she and a 13-year-old girl were sold as sex slaves to the ISIS fighters.

The fighter who bought her, raped her, and if she tried to resist, he beat her with his shoes. Another victim said that she was burned with a lit cigarette on her arms, legs, and chest.

The group of girls also witnessed a rape victim committing suicide. All these cases were documented by the Qulliam Foundation, a group that fights extremism in the country.

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