(Video) ISIS Suicide Bombers Lit Up

ISIS have released a new propaganda video that appears to show suicide bombings filmed with a drone.

The lengthy video, broadcast on ISIS media outlets on December 20, is a slickly produced attempt to claim they are not losing power in Iraq.

The blasts were reportedly filmed in the country’s desert countryside but it is not clear when they took place.

A report by IHS Conflict Monitor in October 2016 said the jihadists had lost about 16 per cent of the land they held at the beginning of the year.

However, experts have warned that although the IS group may be on the defensive in Syria and Iraq it now has thousands of foreign volunteer fighters who, once home again, will pose a major threat.

While some have died and others continue to wage war, a substantial number are returning to their home countries as IS loses ground under an onslaught by the US-led international coalition.

‘The flow of foreign fighters from western countries has fallen from 2,000 to about nothing a month,’ Albert Ford of the New America think tank told AFP.

‘But that’s only half the issue: What do you do about the 25,000 or 30,000 people that are in Syria or have been there that now want to go back? It’s an issue that’s not going to go away,’ he said.

Meanwhile, the Human Rights Watch said on Wednesday that the Islamic State group is ‘indiscriminately’ attacking civilians who refused to retreat along with the jihadists in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

Watch the carnage, lol.

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