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[VIDEO] Judge Jeanine Rips into Michelle Obama



For the first time in 8 years Judge Jeanine Pirro is proud of her country and she let classless Michelle Obama know it.  Classless Michelle made the absurd claim that people no longer have any reason for hope with Donald Trump about to take the place of empty suit Barack Obama.  Just the opposite is true.  The stock market is up and the dollar has soared to new heights since the election of Trump.  That sounds like a whole lot of hope to me.

“Since when does hope rise and fall with you and Barack in the White House?… But I get it. For you hope is gone. You and your family and friends won’t be able to fly to another 46 countries with security and hair and makeup in tow. Michelle you may not realize it but Americans rejected you and everything you stand for. They know what hope is. Hope is when people, 30,000 at a time stand in line, in the cold, with their children, hoping to get a glimpse of the man that they think can change the course of their lives from the downward spiral that you and Mr. Hope and Change have put them on.”

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