• November 29, 2023

Breaking: Trump Electors Offered Police Protection – Protestors Expected in Harrisburg


The 20 electors in Pennsylvania are getting to be really close with police this weekend. After thousand of emails, phone calls and online threats from Hillary supporters, they have been issued police protection.

This has been the life of Pennsylvania electors since the election. They have been continually harassed and threatened.

On Monday the electors will travel to Harrisburg, the state capital, to cast their votes. They are anticipating being met by organized protests urging them to cast Pennsylvania electoral votes to anyone but Donald Trump.trump-7

trump-1Meantime, Trump just had a ‘thank you tour’ in the Giant Center hockey arena in Hershey Pennsylvania on Thursday night that pulled in over 10,000 capacity crowd with another 8,000 listening outside in the cold 15-degree temperatures.

The crowd listened to the Rolling Stones and then to God Bless the USA – I’m Proud to be an American by Lee Greenwood as Trump took the walk and stepped on the stage. Pennsylvania, for the most part, loves Trump. The police protection is given to the electors without hesitation.

I certainly hope that this bullying the electors, all over the the U.S., will be handled well so that this will be the last time we will ever see such a disgrace in America after any election in the future.


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