• September 22, 2023

[VIDEO] Message Of Love/Survival From Americans (Who Lost Loved Ones In 911 Attack) To Paris Survivors

Unfortunately, Many Americans now have a commonality with many survivors of the Paris attacks. The question is, how many more people around the world will have the distinction of being attacked by Islamist radicals?


In the wake of the attacks on Paris and Beirut it’s hard to be optimistic about the future. Not only were the attacks themselves devastating, but people’s responses to these crises have been incredibly divisive. However, there have been some bright spots: some media coverage focuses on hope for the next generation or the outpouring of support from the creative community.
In another refreshing moment of empathy and optimism, Vox reached out to the children of 9/11 victims to make a powerful video for the people of Paris. The video sheds light on how those who are personally affected by terrorism cope and move forward.

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