• October 26, 2021

(VIDEO) Refugees Attack 2 Old Men for Telling Them to Stop Sexually Molesting Woman


A video has surfaced that depicts a scene which happened on a train in Germany during one of the busiest times of day.  A refugee tried to put the moves on a German woman, who rejected him.  The man got angry and slammed his hand on a nearby window.  A retiree told the men to leave the woman alone and they attacked him and another retiree.


Mighty brave against women and old men.  This is why countries all across Europe are manually deporting tens of thousands of these jerks out of their countries.  Obama is working just as hard to bring every single one of them to the United States.

Has anyone noticed something I have?  When 500 women were sexually molested by men not wearing masks, the German police declared that they were “looking for them.”  When masked Germans attacked refugees, arrests were made within 24 hours.  And what about this gang of thugs?  German police say they are “Looking for them.”