VIDEO: Sleepy Joe Biden Escorted Like A Child, Staffers Attempt To Keep Him Away From Media

On Wednesday afternoon, viral video footage broke of presumptive Democrat presidential nominee, Sleepy Joe Biden outside of his Deleware basement…a rare sighting. Biden rarely exits his basement these days…a famed spot for his failed virtual townhalls. He was spotted feebly walking in DC a couple of days ago but he is rarely outside of his small state since the beginning of the China coronavirus. He holds no rallies because of limited excitement in his campaign and uses the coronavirus as an excuse for not coming out of his dingy basement.


In what Donald Trump Jr. is calling a scene from “A Weekend at Bernie’s,” Biden is seen being escorted LIKE A CHILD by a female staffer from a campaign office. Trump Jr. tweeted, “It’s ‘A Weekend at Bernie’s’ but for the nuclear football… This would be sad if it wasn’t so scary. Biden obviously has no idea what’s happen around him.” The Biden campaign’s attempt to keep their “stellar candidate” away from the media is not a rarity as Biden has been using the Chinese virus as an excuse to stay in his basement.

The Biden campaign’s latest attempt to keep their candidate away from the media follows their refusal to put their candidate in a one-on-one interview with Fox New’s Chris Wallace.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace closed out “Fox News Sunday” by saying that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign turned down an interview, but promised to “keep asking every week.” Talk about low energy coming from the Biden basement!

“In our interview last week with President Trump, he questioned whether his Democratic opponent Joe Biden could handle a similar encounter,” Wallace said. “Well this week we asked the Biden campaign for an interview, and they said the former vice president was not available.”


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