• October 1, 2022

[VIDEO] Speaker at Black Lives Matter Protest, “Peaceful Protests to End Soon”


A Black Lives Matter activist, Nicholas Heyward, warns that peaceful protests are about to come to an end a more radical approach will follow:

“It is time for people to really rise up against this injustice that’s been going on for too long” and that “All of these peaceful protests are soon going to end. We are not going to continue these peaceful protests while you murder our children.”

Heyward’s 13 year old son was killed by a Housing Authority officer in 1994.  The DA’s office  has promised to review the case and see if the original investigation was flawed.  Heyward is no fan of Al Sharpton and he disputes that he is a leader of anything:

I don’t look at someone like Al Sharpton as a civil rights leader anymore. His inner circle isn’t full of grassroots activists. He’s surrounded by flashy lawyers and a traveling circus. I’ve been around for 20 years. In all the cases Sharpton has been involved in, we’ve seen the same routine. I’ve never seen justice – in the sense that officers were truly held accountable. It was almost solely about money.  

He has recently been given hope that his son will receive justice:

“It’s been a struggle for 22 years of injustice,” Heyward said, standing outside of the DA’s office, surrounded by signs with his son’s face on it and that of former-Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes. “I’m still feeling pain. I’m emotional about the whole situation.”

A spokesman for the DA’s office said the case is being reviewed.

“We are in the process of looking into this tragic case and will review the original investigation,” the spokesman said.

Heyward spoke at the protest, covering several parts of the liberal agenda, including 15 dollars an hour pay for fast food workers.


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