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[VIDEO] Totally Insane Woman Loses it as Wisconsin Votes For Trump



In Wisconsin, a liberal woman lost all control of her faculties after 10 electors voted for Donald Trump after more than 1.4 million people in Wisconsin gave Trump the state.  For some bizarre reason this lunatic thinks that 10 people should be able to overrule 1.4 million and call it democracy.  She shouted at the electors that they sold the country out.  If she feels that strongly about it, she should move.  There are 194 countries in the world that didn’t elect Donald Trump (195 if you include Taiwan) and she is welcome to move to any of them.  Of course it could get dangerous for her if she mouths off every time an election doesn’t go her way.

I do have one question for her.  With the safety pin on her chest, what’s holding her diaper up?

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