• May 25, 2022

[Video]”Clown Lives Matter” Counter Protest Scheduled To Halt Fears

More than 100 clowns are expected to show up in the so-called first ever “Clown Lives Matter” protest. The clown community in Tucson, Arizona organized a “Clown Lives Matter” march Wednesday that’s set to take place Oct. 15 in reaction to the reports of “killer clowns” terrorizing communities and the rumors on social media fanning the fears of clown attacks.

According to Fox News:

Officials at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts, ordered students to shelter in place for more than 30 minutes Monday night and evacuated a dorm after social media reports that an armed clown could be on campus.And it’s not just at colleges. A false report last month of a clown grabbing a woman by the throat and threatening Reading, Ohio, schools led to classes being canceled for the day.

We have reached a point in society where even the venerable clown is under attack for its present day mischaracterizations. What used to be happily enjoyed at children parties, and the hallmark of the circus, has been dragged down to the least common denominator, which is fear. Never will a child look at a clown without thinking of Stephen King. Yet there are some who will try to save the happy myth of the clown, and I wish them all the best. Living in our world overcome daily with fear should not include childhood memories we all have experienced, and wish for children enjoy. What do you think?

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