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[VIDEO] Obama’s ‘Refugees’ Are In For A BRUTAL Surprise After Spitting On Cops

As America rebels against the government that got us into this mess in the first place, perhaps, little by little, the Radical Islamic Extremists, may get a taste of their own medicine. Looks like this one did.


President Obama claims that Muslim “refugees” are a peaceful people who only wish to assimilate into our culture. However, videos like this prove what really happens when a western country allows Muslim “refugees” into the country.

When a group of protesters who were sick and tired of their country being invaded by Muslims met a bus carrying over twenty refugees at an asylum center in Germany, a Muslim woman decided to take things up a notch by spitting at police officers before smugly walking to the back of the bus.

Other Muslim thugs made throat-slitting gestures and flipped off protesters, until police finally stepped in to take them down.

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