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Violent Illegal Aliens Show Why Every Last One Must Be Deported

illegal alien POSs

Illegal aliens in San Diego proved once again that Donald Trump is absolutely right in wanting to deport them.  Once again they turned violent without any provocation confirming all the stereotypes they are depicted by.  These are people we need to remove from the country because decent Americans should not be subjected to violence by these criminals.  The really funny thing is they think their violent actions move people to be on their side, but just the opposite are true.  Even some of my liberal friends who don’t want anyone deported say these people should be.  It has become obvious they are here to attempt an overthrow of the country by violent means.

trump rally san diego 2

They love Mexico and should be sent there ASAP

trump rally san diego 3

Not an American flag in sight

trump rally san diego 5-1

Commies, too

trump rally san diego 4

But inside law abiding Americans practicing free speech

At the end of Trump’s rally the illegal aliens doing what illegal aliens do, attacked his motorcade.  The threat was serious enough that the Secret Service ordered the drivers to crash through the barriers as the illegal aliens threw various items at the motorcade.  It wouldn’t have been a problem had not the liberal authorities in San Diego positioned known violent protesters within just a few feet of the path of the motorcade.  Does anyone really believe it was accidental?  Not me.

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