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Violent Protesters in Austin, Texas Waves Latino Flags..No US Flags [VIDEOS]

Violent protests took place in Austin Texas as the lowlife illegals took to the streets.  They waved flags from every country but this one.  If those countries are so great why didn’t they stay there?  And since they are so enamored with those countries and hate ours so much, I think we should send them back as quickly as possible.  The protesters were protesting the arrests of illegal aliens who have committed felonies.


Not an American flag to be seen in videos of a violent protest in Austin, Texas Saturday night against the recent ICE raids and the immigration policies of President Donald Trump and Governor Greg Abbott. Flags from several Latin American countries were strung together and held across a major intersection by protesters blocking traffic. A similar protest was held the night before at the same intersection.

A couple motorists blocked by the protesters got out of their cars to complain, only to be attacked and forced back into their cars. One driver returned on foot and after heated words were exchanged a brawl broke out.

Several people took videos of the action and posted to Twitter:







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