• January 24, 2022

Voter Fraud: Liberals Preparing to Blame Russians if They Get Caught



After tens of thousands of emails began finding their way onto the internet, the liberals were in a tight spot.  They had to divert attention away from the embarrassment caused when voters found out what they are really up to.  They did what plenty of us parents have done with our children, but instead of evoking the boogeyman, they blamed the Russians.  As if the emails came from the Russians would negate the information contained within.  Thanks to the media it has mostly worked.

Hillary for her part blamed the emails on not just the Russians but Donald Trump also, claiming he was close with the Russians.  However, Trump has wanted to build a luxury hotel in Moscow since the 1990s but to no avail.  On the other hand, Hillary got tens of millions when she allowed Grank Guistra to sell 20% of all uranium mined in the United States to Russia.

We are just a couple of short weeks from the election and liberals are about to use massive voter fraud to hand the election to Hillary Clinton.  No matter how well planned, it’s very likely that some of that cheating will be caught.  That’s why they are once again preparing to blame the Russians.  They are saying that Russians can’t really hack the voting machines.  (I guess George Soros is protecting his machines operating in 16 states) But they are now saying that they can make it look like it was rigged.  That way, no matter what is found out, they plan on dropping into the lap of the Russians.

During the debate, Hillary said that several intelligence agencies are certain it’s the Russians who hacked all the emails.  Oh really?  Is that the same intelligence agencies who covered up Benghazi?  Or the same FBI that claimed she committed no crimes?  Under Obama all government agencies have become arms of the democratic party.

The boogeyman will get you if you don’t watch out.

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