• September 26, 2022

Watch As Liberal Panties Get In A Wad Over Reaction To Trump’s Campaign Story: Dip Bullets In Pig’s Blood/Shoot Radical Islamists

We all know the left is particularly “sensitive” about conservative views, ideas, points of view. But every once in a while, I like to troll lib sites to remind myself of just how lathered up they can get over good old fashioned common sense and conservatism. This site is particularly upset that 1) The Donald would actually say out loud the words: “Radical Islamic Terrorism,” 2) he would condone such “brutal” tactics to get a handle on the out of control radical islamists, and 3) anyone would support and applaud such rhetoric. Sit back, pop some pop corn, and enjoy the show. Viva La Conservatism!



During a rally in California, GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump praised a bogus historical incident where Muslims were shot by bullets dipped in pig’s blood – to rapturous applause.

It appears that neither Donald Trump, nor the crowd in Costa Mesa, are aware that there is no evidence this historical incident actually happened. Given the campaign’s focus on rhetoric over fact to date, t’s unlikely anyone would care either. But for the record, Trump was praising the vile actions of U.S. General John Joseph Pershing. The story goes that the General cracked down on Islamic terrorism in the early 20th century with a single act of terror of his own. As Trump delights in telling the crowd, reciting it as if historical fact, the General dipped bullets in pigs blood, then shot 49 Muslims – letting the 50th off to act as a cautionary tale.

Trump’s point? That only the most brutal measures will make America safe from Islamic terrorism – that any and all means of persecution and punishment are justified. Even, apparently, mass murder. And the crowd went wild, erupting into applause – some breaking out into a standing ovation.

It’s not even the first time Trump has wheeled out the story either. Despite the fact that this complete and morbid fantasy was taken to pieces when just two months ago when he last road-tested it. Trump came back for more last night in California.

What makes the matter all the more galling, is this is pure fairytale. As Mediaite’s Josh Feldman has written previously:

There has been a persistent rumor for years that United States General John Pershing cracked down on Islamic terrorism in the early 1900s by dipping bullets in pig’s blood and shooting Muslim prisoners with them. This is a hoax. It has never been proven.

In addition, the popular fact-checking site Politifact undertook their own investigation in the tale, and they ended up rating it as “Pants on Fire.” This means they could find literally no truth whatsoever in the claims.

I would think the left has enough problems with their own candidates “lying” without worrying about what is going on in the Republican party primary, wouldn’t you?

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