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[WATCH] Isis Commits Most Barbaric Acts That Even Some Onlookers Can’t Watch

ISIS has crucified two Syrians who have been accused with spying on the Islamic State.  The gruesome slayings took place in ar-Raqqah, they call themselves: “The Harvest of Spies.”

Dressed in ‘Guantanamo Bay’ orange jumpsuits, the two victims were brought into a public square–under Sharia, all punishments must be public–the two bodies were then hoisted up on metal crosses, their charges read, and promptly shot in the face.


Most onlookers have been numbed to the savagery of their keepers, but in a rare moment of persevering humanity, a young person in the audience is cradling his face in his hands–unable to watch the carnage.

Mosul in Iraq and ar-Raqqah in Syria serve as the two centers of ISIS’ operations in the respective countries–as such both cities are targets for hundreds of airstrikes from from the Syrian government, Russia, the US, France, Jordan, and other Arab nations–almost everyone other than France.  The city is also a major target for subterfuge and the constant paranoia over betrayal among the Islamic State’s ranks has led to an expectation of weekly slayings of suspects. Executions like this are the norm within the somewhat shrinking territory of the Islamic State.

H/T: America’s Freedom Fighters

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