• May 27, 2024

Remember Clinton’s Tearjerker About Disabled Girl In Wheelchair? We Found Out The Truth…

Lyin’ Hillary is at it again. This time claiming she’s the one who brought a small town up to speed on access to public schools for those with disabilities. She gave a long story of how she helped a girl in a wheelchair get to school. But the problem is that the town already had handicapped access in many schools, including transportation. The town, in fact, was already well into providing services for the disabled. But she didn’t care, she made them look callous while pretending to be the heroine of the story. Read on for details and scroll down for video.

Hillary told the crowd about a poor suffering handicapped girl in a wheelchair in New Bedford, Massachusetts who could not go to school because of her disability. Hillary said she helped the girl get to school.

Hillary told the crowd about how she helped that girl get to school. It turns out it was all a lie!


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