• September 30, 2022

[WATCH] Liberals Lie About ISIS, Guns & the Border, & Here Is The Proof….

President Obama, Hillary and their cronies are lying to the American people.  They are purposely misleading Americans about ISIS, associating the liberal gun control agenda with defense of the Homeland and willfully blind about the lack of security at the southern border.

Just watch this video of Obama’s propaganda compared with CIA Director John Brennan:

How could it be, Mr. President, that ISIS is shrinking with less capability but still maintains and exercises the ability to strike globally?

How about this one from Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson saying that the liberal gun control agenda is a homeland defense issue? Really?!

Watch the video here:

So, pushing liberal gun control to disarm Americans falls to the Department of Homeland Security.  And here I thought DHS was to support to protect Americans instead of harassing them about the 2nd Amendment.
And for the finale, Hillary Clinton tells us just how secure the southern border is.
Once again, liberals are deceiving the American people to give a false sense of security, calm and leadership where none exists.  In fact, under this bunch, we are less safe as they are willful and drastically underestimating the threats we currently face.
H/T:  [CBS News]

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