• November 29, 2023

[WATCH] Paramedics Urge People To make These Emergency Changes To Their Smart Phones

We often think of our smartphones in a negative light. They take up our time and attention, keep our focus on social media a bit too much or distract us from what is really going on in the world.









But one brilliant nurse is praising a vital feature in our iPhones that can help medical staff treat you in a life-or-death emergency. It’s called a Medical ID and it’s a free feature on any iPhone!

Julia took to Facebook to share just how important creating a Medical ID is for each and every smartphone owner!

“Working in a public hospital and seeing patients in ER all the time, I see many patients come in and we have had no way of knowing who they are, or how to contact their next of kin, or their medical history! And their phones are locked!

But many people don’t realize that you can set up something called a ‘Medical ID’ on your iPhone if you have the health app (free with phone). I didn’t even realize this when I got my own iPhone!

This information can be accessed even while the phone is locked by clicking on the emergency options and can display things like name, date of birth, emergency contacts, medical conditions and even blood type and donor status. You can even add notes!

I believe Android [users] have an app called ICE (‘in case of emergency’) that works similarly….”

Let’s put her words into action by creating your own Medical ID.











To follow Julia’s advice, here’s how you can create your very own Medical ID on an iPhone:

1. Turn on your iPhone by pressing the “Power” or “Home” button

2. Find the “Health” app on your iPhone home screen

3. Once the app opens, tap on “Medical ID” option in the bottom right-hand corner

You’re not done yet, though!










Now it’s time for the important part, to fill out all of your emergency information! Here’s how to do this:

4. Select the “Edit” option

5. Fill out relevant medical information

Important: Turn on “Show When Locked” slider

6. Tap “Done” when the information is complete

Now when you turn on your iPhone’s display, first responders and medical staff can access all of the vital information about you and your health. This life-saving feature will be visible on the bottom left-hand corner of the lock screen.

Having immediate access to medications, age, medical conditions and emergency contacts can be the difference between life or death. This isn’t something to ignore or put off until later!



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