• September 22, 2023

[WIKILEAKS] Hillary’s Campaign Chairman Endorses Illegals Voting


John Podesta wrote an email in which he seemed to agree with someone named Teddy.

John Podesta: I think Teddy’s idea scratches the itch, is pretty safe and uncomplicated.
On the picture ID, the one thing I have thought of in that space is that if you show up on Election Day with a drivers license with a picture, attest that you are a citizen, you have a right to vote in Federal elections.

Here is the first question I have.  Why did he say it was safe?  Is it dangerous to vote?  How many people die of voting each election?  Does anyone know?  The only danger in voting is if you are doing it illegally.  So, what he is really saying is that if you are an illegal alien and you live in one of the twelve states that issue driver’s licenses to illegal aliens and you tell them at the voting station that you are an American citizen, there is no chance you can get caught since you are not allowed to ask for proof of citizenship.


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