• October 5, 2022

[WATCH] Prince Kicks Kim Kardashian Off Stage!

Prince will be remembered for a lot of things, as a great musician, a great song writer, wild and exciting performances, but how many know he had little tolerance for Kim Kardashian and her lack of, well, watch and determine for yourself. Maybe Prince felt the way the rest of us do, about the whole Kardashian faux fame.



With the sad and untimely passing of music legend Prince, much is being said about the man’s great accomplishments and achievements, from his incredible ability to captivate an audience, to his film Purple Rain, and even how he inspired other artists with his music. But perhaps none of Prince’s contributions to pop culture are quite as succinct as the time he kicked Kim Kardashian’s stupid ass off stage at a concert.

The year was 2011, during a February 7 concert at Madison Square Garden, and Kardashian was perhaps at the height of her fame. Therefore, as Kardashian watched from the front of the audience, someone thought it was only natural to escort her onstage while Prince performed. Obviously Prince would be honored to perform in front of such greatness, right?

Wrong. Oh, so, so, wrong. The great Prince tolerated Kardashian’s awkward swaying and clapping for all of about fifteen seconds before humiliating her, scoffing, “Get off the stage!” She has little choice but to oblige him, as the audience cheered and cheered.

Just incredible. Prince: the man; the genius; the legend; the player of basketball, maker of pancakes; and finally, the… not taker of bullsh*t? There will never be another like him.


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