• September 23, 2022

[WATCH] Social Justice Warriors Demand Journalist Who Filmed “Trigglypuff” Be Punished

The liberal police are getting worse by the minute. In an age where cell phones are now video cameras, and it takes a mere millisecond to upload a video, there is no telling what will, or can be posted on the web from various sources. That being said, enter stage right “Trigglypuff.”


On April 25th, Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder, and Christina Hoff Sommers faced an onslaught of screaming social justice warriors when they arrived at UMass Amherst for a panel discussing political correctness.  The event known as “The Triggering” resulted in two explosive viral videos, one of them of Steven Crowder  for their behavior, and the other was…well…less flattering for its subject:

Enter Jennie Chenkin, another student at Hampshire College, who has a list of demands for the administrators of Mount Holyoke, including that “disciplinary action be taken against Kassy Dillon” because Dillon “has decided that cyberbullying and libel are okay and are more important than journalistic integrity and human decency.”  And it only gets better from there:

“I demand that Kassy Dillon be made to remove the humiliating youtube video and Campus Reform article from the web. I demand that Kassy Dillon issue a public apology to the person whose face she has now plastered all over the conservative web and who is now being bullied and shamed. I would like a mediated meeting with Kassy Dillon to address concerns with her directly and discuss any issues that may become relevant. I demand that Kassy Dillon be prohibited from publishing anything further about the protests which took place at “The triggering”, the people who participated in the protests, and this complaint which has been issued against her. And lastly, on the basis of engaging in cyberbullying and libel, I request that Kassy Dillon be prohibited from writing or publishing for Campus Reform or any other Mount Holyoke-affiliated publication. I expect a response detailing what action will be taken against Kassy Dillon for her blatant disrespect of Five College community members.”

Watch the video below, and read the full story here

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