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Watch: Undercover Video Shows New Hampshire Voter Fraud

Voter Fraud is hard to control, in every country in every world it is evident. The United States is no exception. Do our votes truly count? Project Veritas has taken this on, and has released a new video showing that the voter laws in New Hampshire have done little but nothing to prevent fraud.

Four years ago, James O’Keefe released a video which showed how easy it would be for people to vote in New Hampshire using the names of deceased people. As a result of that video, New Hampshire changed its voter ID laws. Project Veritas Action revisited New Hampshire during Tuesday’s presidential primary election and again showed how easy it is to cast fraudulent votes with the new law fully in place. In this new video, multiple election officials and Bernie Sanders presidential campaign staffers offered advice to journalists using hidden cameras about how to circumvent the law.

H/T: Project Veritas Action

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