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Welfare Queen With 8 Children Says She is Too Beautiful to Work

Marie Buchan is a 37 year old single mother of 8 children ages 3 through 15, who collects $40,000 a year in welfare payments.  She says she would like to work but the problem is she is just too beautiful and every man in the world hits on her.  She is taking lessons in auto mechanics says she would like to do that for a living if men would only leave her alone.  I don’t know, she looks pretty resistible to me.

She did previously have a job working 16 hours a week but it knocked her kids off the school’s free lunch program and ended up costing more than she made working.  She did previously work as a lap dancer which I assume pays well and she recently announced that she was going to get breast enhancements paid for by her boyfriend.

Now, she says she will not be able to work as a mechanic because working in a garage full of men would be a constant source of harassment.  Besides, she says no one is willing to take her on as an apprentice, although I wonder how she knows that since she hasn’t passed the course and graduated yet.  It seems like she is setting up excuses why she can’t work to justify continuing to collect welfare.

Where is the father of these eight children and what is he or they contributing to the raising of the children.   She had 8 children in a span of just 12 years, so the majority of that time she was pregnant.  Maybe welfare could pay for surgery to make her much less beautiful?

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