While Iran May Be Warming Up Nukes, Biden Is Kissing Their Butts!

As most of us were probably taught when we were kids, the thing that you had to worry about most of all was a country run by a madman that had access to a nuclear weapon.

It was why the old War was such a scary time in many of our lives. Now, we don’t have to worry about the Cold War, but it almost feels like we are living in a much scarier time.

The school bullies of the world are the type of nations that will antagonize the United States to the point where you need to issue sanctions but then refuse to cooperate and agree to them. Then, they make bad deals with the United States that we have to get out of. Then, following that, you get a bumbling old man at the switch who we then have to worry about making things somehow even worse.

Just as Joe Biden snubs Israel and begs to rejoin the Iran agreement, it is revealed that I(ran has been secretly working on nuclear weapons.

One can only hope that for once Democrats would take the side of Americans, but I concede that will never happen, especially with Biden in the lead.

There’s just no money in it for Hunter.

Only a Democrat would see no problem in the world’s largest exporter of terrorism having nuclear weapons.

Inspectors took samples near Iranian facilities and they found evidence that Iran was working on nukes. Iran now says it will ban inspectors from sites and has refused to be examined.

Negotiators for Biden are making inquiries as to how many pallets of cash it will take for Iran to go along with this charade. My guess? At least three.

The U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) discovered the “new evidence of undeclared nuclear activities” at two different sites, suggesting that Iran is working overtime to develop the weapons the agreement was alleged to have prevented.

Biden reminds me of the guy back home that had a hay baler that kept jamming up. He would reach inside to free it up and the baler would cut off one of his fingers. He would bale some more hay and the baler would jam up again. And he would lose another finger. After the fourth time, he began to think that this was a losing game. The difference is Biden has never learned that lesson. He has been consistently wrong on foreign policy for the better part of four years.

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