• November 27, 2021

White Man In Mississippi Gets Brutally Beaten And Shot By 2 Carloads Of Black Thugs

I’m not quite sure what to make of this one. Police don’t think it’s a hate crime, but that doesn’t mean anything. A gang of black guys rolled up on a white guy in Mississippi and shot him after beating the snot out of him. I do know that if a group of white men assaulted a black guy like this, it definitely would be a hate crime.

WDAM reports that white 27-year old Allen Heath Wise was walking through a parking lot in Pascagoula, MS around 7pm Friday night. All of a sudden, a gold Acura and a lime-green Nissan Pathfinder pulled up and a large group of black men exited the vehicles. The black mob started beating the hell out of the badly outnumbered Wise.

One of the black men pulled out a handgun and proceeded to beat the white man with it. Because people who use their guns to pistol-whip others aren’t necessarily practicing safe gun handling techniques, the gun fired, striking Wise in the arm.

At this point, Wise was able to break free from the mob of blacks and ran for his life. The attackers fired another 3 or 4 shots as Wise fled, but none of the rounds hit him. He was able to make to an apartment complex to summon police and an ambulance. The news doesn’t state the extent of Wise’s injuries, but presumably, he survived this violent encounter.

Now here’s where the story gets kind of weird. Police say that Wise has been less than cooperative with them as they investigate the assault.

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