• October 27, 2021

Why Did The United States Label The Constitution ‘Harmful Content’?

For quite some time America has been heading down a dark road but over the last eighteen to nineteen months that journey has certainly been accelerated.

The very government that was once all about protecting our freedom has been the ones taking it away little by little with medical tyranny under the guise of “safety”.

People have been arrested for peacefully gathering to protest unjust mandates, tased for not wearing masks, and the creme de la creme is the threat of segregation being brought back due to someone’s medical status. Last year, many of us warned that vaccine passports would be on the table and we were laughed at and now they are being pushed to the forefront.

2021 has turned out to be the dystopian nightmare that many of us have warned people about and nothing is off the table.

People in our country are willing to give up their freedoms in hopes that if they do the government will gladly give them back, but that is not how it works.

A quick study of history will show you that is not how any of it works, but the majority of our youth do not know our history and that is all by design.

When a society surrenders individual liberty to the state, the state never gives it back. And a new warning label on the National Archives paints an ominous picture of what’s to come.

The very documents which embody our God-given rights, inherent to every human being, have been labeled as “harmful content.” Seriously.

Here is more:

Both the Constitution and the Bill of Rights have been labeled by the National Archives with an alert, telling readers that they are about to read something “harmful.”

The link on the label leads to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) statement on “potentially harmful content,” defined as reflecting “racist, sexist, ableist, misogynistic/misogynoir, and xenophobic opinions and attitudes” or being “discriminatory towards or exclude diverse views on sexuality, gender, religion, and more,” among other criteria.

The archivists are told to inform the users about the presence and origin of such “harmful content,” update descriptions with “more respectful terms” and make “an institutional commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.”

It is unclear as to when these changes were made since the internet archives in the way back machine brings up blank pages for all the captures dating back years.

Tellingly, the warnings that appear on the Constitution and Bill of Rights do not appear on other documents within the National Archives. In the archive documents on Jim Crow, which uses the n-word multiple times, the warning is not there. It is also lacking from Appendix 16 of the 1964 Warren Commission Report on the assassination of President Kennedy, in which a Jewish slur is cited.

While this is likely just some silly way of appeasing the canceled culture and the government’s attempt to pander to the woke, the very idea of labeling the language which founded America as “harmful” is troubling — especially considering the last 19 months.

As George Orwell famously wrote in his essay, “Politics and the English Language,” this type of political language and manipulation “is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

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