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Why Is Glenn Beck Leading The Pack In Sensationalizing Trump As The Next Hitler?

Never waste a good crisis? Isn’t Beck the one who first introduced the conservative audience to the Cloward and Piven’s “Never Waste A Good Crisis” strategy? And could he be using the strategy to boost his own celebrity? Love him or hate him, he’s off the reservation on this one by going beyond reasonableness. Can he not prove his points against Trump with facts? Does he have to dance with insanity? No, probably not. Lathering the followers up in a frenzy is much more lucrative. (Breitbart) – On his Thursday radio program, Glenn Beck offered his thoughts on remarks made by Rush Limbaugh two days earlier declaring nationalism and populism had overtook conservatism, in particular regarding Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s ascendency in the 2016 presidential race.

According to Beck, if Limbaugh’s analysis is accurate it spells doom for the “republic.”

“I want you to listen carefully to what he is saying,” Beck said. “I hope he is wrong on this because this is the biggest warning about the end of the republic I think I have ever heard coming from Rush Limbaugh.”

Beck argued that those components of nationalism and populism were “the makings of Adolf Hitler,” which he called “a dangerous combination.”

“This means anyone who will wrap themselves in the flag, not on their principles — anyone who will say, ‘I’m just like you and I’ll fix it,’ will overtake the principles,” Beck said. “Now I don’t know if he is saying this in a good way or a bad way, but this is a very bad thing.”

“That’s why you should be freaking out,” he added. “Look, we have nothing against Donald Trump as a man. We don’t. It’s just this is a very dangerous combination and I have been warning against it since Fox. I said keep your eyes open because it will come. The pendulum will swing the other way and it will be bad. The only other thing you have to add to that — he’s talking about populism and nationalism. If you add socialism — populism, nationalism and socialism, you have the makings of Adolf Hitler. You don’t somebody who is a nationalist, a populist and has any kind of socialist or nationalizing the banks kind of ideas. Not a good idea, not a good idea.”

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