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Will This ISIS Bomber Get 72 Really Stupid Virgins [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

An ISIS bomber spotted a group of Syrian soldiers and decided to blow them up, but he got too excited and blew his load early, killing no one but himself.  The entire episode was taped and you can see him appear around the corner and the bomb went off immediately, doing no harm to his intended victims.


The problem ISIS has with suicide bombers is that the ones who are really good at it never survive basic training.

From The Mail Online:

According to the agency, it shows an ISIS fighters blowing himself near a gathering point for Syrian democratic forces SDF fighters in Raqqa countryside during the running operation ‘Wrath of Euphrates’.

In the video, soldiers can be seen in front of a building, and they move behind a tank, perhaps after a clear warning of the enemy’s presence.

The man then appears suddenly around the corner, and in a split second, his bomb detonates.




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