• September 30, 2022

Woman Drinks 20 Red Bulls a Day Until THIS Happens – Doctors Horrified

People say anything may be okay for you as long as it is all in moderation…well one woman did not seem to get the message. A British woman landed in the hospital with a severely damaged liver after allegedly drinking 20 Red Bull energy drinks a day. Doctors assumed she was an alcoholic, until Allwood revealed that she does not drink alcohol, but instead consumes 20 Red Bulls every single day.


The Daily Mail reports:

Mary Allwood was consuming the equivalent of 17 Mars bars of sugar and 16 cups of coffee of caffeine. The 26-year-old would stash the cans all over the house -spending more than £2,300 a year on the drinks. But last November she was rushed to hospital in an ambulance due to severe pain in her side, and an MRI scan revealed her liver was twice the size it should be.

“At first I would feel as if it would give me a buzz and energy, but eventually it wouldn’t give me energy – I just needed it. I needed the taste and fizziness. It was my heroin. I would feel awful if I didn’t have it.  Now the thought that anyone can go to the shops and buy it makes me so worried. I think it should be treated as if it is alcohol and cigarettes.

According to the Daily Mail, the high sugar content of Red Bull can lead to fat being deposited in the liver, causing scarring and ultimately cirrhosis (liver damage).


Allwood said that she became addicted just four months after trying the energy drink for the first time.  “I would go to the supermarket and get ten multi-packs at a time,” she stated.  “I’d tell the person at the till that I had a restaurant and I was buying them for that reason.”  

It was the shock Ms Allwood needed, and she went on a meal-replacement diet, swapping her Red Bull for six and a half litres of water a day.

She experienced withdrawal symptoms for around a month – mood swings and shakes – but now no longer craves the drinks.

‘It was really hard and there were times when I bought one, opened it, but I never drank it,’ she said.

‘I tried a drop on my tongue and it tasted like pure sugar. I’ll never go back to how I was now.


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