• June 26, 2022

Woman Tries to Pimp Out Her Three Year Old Daughter for $1,000

Kelsey Wheeler is accused of attempting to traffic her toddler daughter for sex to a man she met online on a prostitution site.  The two began talking about pedophilia and the man claims Wheeler offered him her daughter for one thousand dollars.  Wheeler has accused the man, Barret Spangler , of offering her $6,000 dollars for mother daughter sex.  Wheeler admits she has worked as a prostitute off and on since she was fifteen.

 The investigation began when Eugene, Oregon, police tracked down Barret Spangler on suspicion of viewing child pornography on April 13.
The man admitted to viewing the illegal images and added he was in contact with 27-year-old Wheeler and accused her of offering up her three-year-old child to him for $1,000, according to a probable cause affidavit.

In turn, Wheeler told officials that Spangler offered $6,000 for a ‘mother-daughter’ sexual experience but she was only playing along with the purpose to rob him, according to reports.

The mother of Southeast Portland, Oregon, faces a federal charge of attempted sex trafficking of a child and is held without bail at Multnomah County jail.

Spangler said Wheeler was using the online alias of Kelly Kox and the two often discussed dark sexual fantasies that included children and ‘mother-daughter’ scenes, according to the affidavit.

It was in one of these conversations that Spangler said Wheeler offered him her young daughter for $1,000 but she insisted that she must be in the room during the encounter, the document continued.

Wheeler now claims that she had no intention of following through with the deal and that she was only planning to rob the man.  However, a report has surfaced that claims the Nevada Child Protective Services caught Wheeler in an apartment with a man and a child where all three were “minimally dressed.”

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