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Woman Wanted In Connection with Chemical Attack At Walmart

Police in Fountain, Colorado are still seeking a woman that attacked at least six Walmart employees at the local store on Friday evening. Officials say that the as yet unidentified woman is alleged to have sprayed several employees with what appears to have been some type of chemical from a squirt bottle she had brought to the business with her. Police have yet to establish any kind of a reason for the attacks and have very few leads to follow. Health officials are still attempting to identify the liquid that was contained in the bottle and used during the attacks. The store was briefly closed while authorities cleaned up the affected areas of the business.


Officials said that witnesses reported that the woman entered the store and looked around the Fountain Walmart about 10pm for a short period of time. She then took out a bottle and sprayed a store clerk and six other employees with the chemical it contained. Witnesses say she then used the bottle to spray both herself and at least one empty shopping cart before fleeing the store. The attacked employees reported the mysterious chemical made them feel sick almost immediately. Police said the victims then experienced skin irritation and nausea. After paramedics arrived, several of those employees were transported to the local hospital.

walmart attack

Authorities say that none of the witnesses recognized the suspect but from stores surveillance photos, police have issued the following description. The suspect is described as 40-to-50-years old, about five-feet seven-inches tall and about 140-150 pounds. She is also believed to have light brown to “dirty” blond hair.

Officials ask that if you have any information as to the identity of this woman, or her whereabouts that you either contact them directly at the Fountain Police Department, 382-8555 , or you can use the Anonymous Tip Line 382-4244 if you prefer. You may be eligible for a reward.

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