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YIKES! Biker Has Mental Meltdown After Just Missing a Deer That Came Out of Nowhere [VIDEO]

When you drive a motorcycle a lot of times cars don’t treat you like a real vehicle. It’s not that car drivers do it on purpose, but they just don’t see you the same way they would see another car or truck. That’s why bikers are constantly aware of everything going on around them while on the road. So when you’re driving down a road feeling comfortable with the surroundings and the road ahead it’s not unreasonable to have to call wardrobe after a deer runs out right in front of you.


I rode a bike many moons ago while in college, and back then I paid $64 a year for an old bike that I owned. I thought it was a great deal, until one day my father pointed out to me that the reason the insurance was so low was because the insurance company figured that if I ever got into an accident the chances are I wouldn’t be around to collect any insurance. The latter part of that last sentence is exactly what goes through the mind of every biker who has a close call on the road.


Deer are some of the worst road hogs out there.

Biker Christopher Bull was out on a relaxing drive in Carmel Valley, California in January when he had an unexpected surprise on his journey. While driving along a curve in the road, a deer suddenly pops out from the shadows, just inches from his front tire.

The encounter is a little hard to see and happens extremely fast, so here’s another look.

“Can’t say the inside of my suit was clean after,” Bull wrote on YouTube.

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