• April 19, 2024

Mother seeks restraining order against her 12-year-old son for exposing himself to younger sister

A mother refuses to allow her son back into her home after he was caught exposing himself to his sister.

Kimberlyn Williams of Williamsburg, Virginia, asked the court to keep her 12-year-old son out of her home, because his is a danger to her younger children.

Williams said that her son has been in therapy since he was 4 years old, and he has been suspended from school many times.

Williams said that she loves her son. However, he has tendencies of a psychopath and he has threatened to kill his classmates. In the past, he hit, bit and kicked his mother.

screenshot_2070Williams said that she recently walked into a room and found her son exposing himself to his 4-year-old sister, and he asked his sister to touch him.

The court refused to ban the 12-year-old boy from returning to his mother’s home. Instead, he was placed at the Riverside Behavioral Health Center in Hampton.

However, this will not last long. Child Protective Services told Williams that she has to pick up her son in a few weeks, and if she does not comply, she will be arrested for abandonment.

Child Protective Services told her that if she refuses to take her son, he will be placed in a 24-hour supervision residential facility – something she wanted all along.

Williams said that she is prepared to go to jail rather than have her 12-year-old son home with his 2 younger siblings.

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