• May 24, 2024

German People Terror Struck, Turn On Merkel In A Big Way

Here is a quick quiz question, If Andrea Merkel’s hair were lighter, who would she remind you of ? That’s right ! Hillary  Clinton. Like it or not what is happening in Europe cannot be ignored, there is danger waiting to happen if Clinton gets elected. The Obama policy will continue and the undocumented will continue to enter the country and, well do I have to go on? Ms. Merkel is not listening to her people, and any rational question that can be asked is , why?  Point being if Hillary is elected, it is only a matter of time when what is happening in Germany will happen here. Donald Trump is being called a racist for his stand on immigration. That is understandable , it comes from the Democratic playbook, and carries weight with the minority groups that are happy to vote Democrat to receive the government benefits . They really don’t care (for the most part) about the USA, its what they get and how they get it. An ingenious plan developed over the years. Mr. Trump is not racist, for wanting legal immigration, it’s the law, illegal immigration is for the courts to handle. It’s really simple.

According to Fox News:


A recent survey conducted July 26-29 by the pollster You Gov finds that only a little more than a quarter of the 1,017 persons polled have confidence in Merkel’s promise. The number of people who share Merkel’s optimism is the lowest it has been since the influx began. Another poll, conducted in April and May, finds that 73 percent of Germans fear terrorism.


Ms. Merkel is slipping so fast in the polls, you would think she were on a water slide at disney’s in Paris.But then again, that’s not another place you would like to be. What do you think ?


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