• December 3, 2022

Attention Target Shoppers: 8 Shopping Secrets They DON’T Want You To Know!

Who couldn’t use a trick, or two, when trying to make their dollar stretch, expecially in this economy. Young Conservatives has posted a vid with some pretty good intel on how to work the system at Target to save some dough. Please enjoy and SHARE!

8 Shopping Secrets Target Doesn’t Want You To Know…Michael Cantrell


In Obama’s economy, everyone is desperately trying to save money. And everyone knows at least one shopping samurai. A person endowed with such skill when it comes to  finding the latest deals on the hottest items, or finding ways to cut costs with coupons or other savings tools, that it makes you turn green with envy.

 Well, thanks to a new video featuring eight super awesome shopping secrets for Target stores, you too can join the ranks of the sacred brotherhood–or sisterhood–of the shopping samurai, and save a ton of money in the process.

Check it out.


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