• May 24, 2024

[BANNED] NC School District Bans The Use Of The Words “Boys And Girls”


It is unimaginable the amount of change that America has experienced in the last 20 years. This is exactly what happens when you remove God from society. A completely moral-less society. Now the attack on our youth is in full swing. The Trans-community is determined to make their mentally ill lifestyle acceptable, and it is impacting our children.

Homeschooling has become a trend among many parents, I for one pulled my child from the public school system. I will not subject her to the devious teachings of the left. Now Charlotte NC has banned the use of the words boys, and girls. Seriously? What should they be called? below is an excerpt from The Blazes Matt Walsh. Click the link below for the full article.

The Blaze:

Charlotte public schools have banished the terms “boy” and “girl” from their classrooms.

The new transgender-affirming policy allows students to select their own gender and then choose the bathroom (although that part is on hold for now), extracurricular activity, sport, etc., that best fits whatever label they happen to identify with at the moment. Boys will even be permitted to take part in “all-girl” overnight excursions, so long as they become girls for the duration of the trip. Of course, the studious observer might wonder how a boy can identify as a girl if we aren’t allowed to call people girls anymore. Gender fluidity may allow a boy to not be a boy, but it also makes it impossible for him to be a girl, considering that both designations no longer mean anything. If you’re confused about how this works, the school system has provided a handy “gender unicorn” to explain everything. I wish I could say I made that up, but I did not. Students in the greater Charlotte area will actually be learning about gender from a gender unicorn. The gender unicorn is just like a regular unicorn, except this one is purple, has a tattoo on its crotch, and it wants to talk to your kids about sex. It’s truly the stuff of nightmares. The weird, drug induced nightmares of a mentally deranged pedophile. Luckily, the molester unicorn comes accompanied by a chart, which illustrates how “gender identity,” “gender presentation,” romantic attraction, and sexual attraction (all different things, evidently) exist on a spectrum that stretches out unending into the infinite universe.


Parents need to stand up to this craziness. We protect our children from predators, and strangers. We limit social media use for their protection, but are we protecting them from the school system? The very foundation to what they will live by as adults comes from their youth.

H/T: The Blaze

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