• March 31, 2023

Biden AG Threatens PRISON TIME for Anyone Organizing “Election Forensic Audits”

The Biden administration is doing all they can to silence the growing number of people questioning the 2020 election results and that does not have them happy at all. They were really hoping that if they threw enough money at people with unemployment and stimulus checks they would just drop it, but the cries are only getting louder.

Not only is Arizona immersed in a forensic audit but 10+ states have signaled that they also want election forensic audits.

That has Joe and his henchmen big man and they are now poised to strike back.

Joe Biden’s Attorney General has just issued a threat to anyone who supports election integrity.

Merrick Garland has threatened prison time for the organizers of “election forensic audits.”

Obviously, that means Arizona but also Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and many more.

Anyone organizing an election forensic audit could face up to 1 year in prison for each charge AND a $1,000 fine.

Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich is fighting back.

Watch Brnovich’s statement on Merrick’s threat below:

If you would like to read the “guidance” from the Department of Justice you can check it on CNN’s website.

CNN confirms the penalties for anyone organizing a forensic audit:

There are federal criminal penalties attached to willful failures to comply with the retention and preservation requirements of the Civil Rights Act. First, Section 301 itself makes it a federal crime for “[a]ny officer of election” or “custodian” of election records to willfully fail to comply with the retention and preservation requirements. 52 U.S.C. § 20701. Second, Section 302 provides that any “person, whether or not an officer of election or custodian, who willfully steals, destroys, conceals, mutilates, or alters any record or paper” covered by Section 301’s retention and preservation requirement is subject to federal criminal penalties. Id. § 20702. Violators of either section can face fines of up to $1000 and imprisonment of up to one year for each violation.

Do you know what this sounds like to me?

It sounds like they are scared and are doing all they can to shut it down.


What happened to our federalist system?

The states have power!

It appears as though Biden’s federal government is overreaching its authority!

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