• October 27, 2021

BREAKING: Ben Carson Out, No Path Forward In The POTUS Race

After last night’s Super Tuesday results, where Carson won no states or delegates, he has decided to leave the 2016 GOP POTUS Primary. That paves the way for his supporters to follow another candidate, which most Cruz supporters are hoping will be the number 2 contender in the primary.

Here’s the story in the Washington Post.

Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who briefly led the Republican presidential race before his campaign began an extended public implosion, told his supporters in a statement Wednesday afternoon that he does not see a “path forward” and will not attend Thursday’s debate in Detroit.

Carson, however, did not formally suspend his campaign. Instead, he said in the statement that has decided to make a speech about his political future on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland, just outside of Washington.

“I do not see a political path forward in light of last evening’s Super Tuesday primary results,” the statement said. “However, this grassroots movement on behalf of ‘We the People’ will continue. Along with millions of patriots who have supported my campaign for President, I remain committed to Saving America for Future Generations.”

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