• October 27, 2021

BREAKING: Legislators Slash and Pervert The Bundy State Sovereignty Bill. Your Action Needed To Protect Constitutional State’s Rights!

In a DAILY HEADLINES EXCLUSIVE, first reported here, The Bundy’s have been working in the Nevada legislature to secure state sovereignty in Nevada and across the country. With this bill, introduced on March 31, 2015, they hoped to strengthen the people’s right to control land, water, mineral rights, and other resources without interference from the federal government.


In a press release issued just moments ago, they explain what the “powers” of elected government in that state have done to thwart their efforts:

The original bill was to strengthen Nevada law.  It was to declare Nevada land, water, minerals, and all other resources as property of the citizens of the State of Nevada.  It would have given the counties of Nevada a spirit of hope and pioneering.
It would have guaranteed those preempted rights that have been gained over the struggle of many years.  It would have opened the opportunity for the young to have a dream and take part in developing the great resources of Nevada.
It would have guarantee access to the public of each county and insure that the county Sheriff is the only policing power with constitutional jurisdiction and authority to protect our life, liberty and property.

Since its inception, the bill has undergone tremendous changes and alteration, and in fact, the original language, which would protect these rights of the people, has been completely stripped form the bill.

Since it was the intent of the legislation was to restore complete policing authority to the county sheriff, exclusive of the federal government, passing a bill without this language continues to support federal authority over states, which was never the intent of the founding fathers when they wrote the Constitution.

As the bill sits before you, changed, perverted and amended from its original state, it will allow the County Sheriff to share his authority and give his powers away to foreign governments.  The federal government has tried to seize these powers from the county sheriff’s for many years through legislation.  YOU CANNOT LET THAT HAPPEN TODAY!
Today on the floor, Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton, will propose amendments to restore AB408 back to its original intent. We charge each of you as representatives of the people to vote YES for Representative Shelton’s amendments. If the amendments are not approved, we solemnly charge each of you to kill the bill (AB408) on the floor.
Thank you,
Cliven D. Bundy and
The Bundy Family


Your action is requested. Please call the Nevada state legislature and let them know you want to see the original language put back in the bill or kill it completely, as it does not protect the rights of the people.

Our efforts, your efforts, on Nevada AB-408 have been perverted during the political process.
It no longer contains the original intent of the Bill we, you, supported.
Contact John Hambrick (Speaker of the House).
Urge him to allow the bill to be amended back to its original intent on the floor of the State Assembly.
This is generally not done, but Hambrick can allow it.  He needs to know that you do not support the bill as it stands and he needs toallow the bill to be amended on the ‘Floor of the Assembly’.
You do NOT need to be a Nevada resident to do this.  They
need to know the world is watching.
Please call him now, and email as well.


Make calls and email today. While this is a Nevada bill, state sovereignty is something that all states should fight to protect. Success in one state provides steam for others to fight for the same protections. Nevada’s fight is your fight.

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